Wednesday, August 11, 2010

IRC chat

For those of you who don't know IRC, it stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is the great granddaddy of all Internet chat programs and formats.
This conversation was logged on a South African server about 10 years ago

*** Joins: TRUENO (
<bobs_bud> morn;
<TRUENO> I from Mexico
<TRUENO> And need diamonts
<TRUENO> Can you help me?
<bobs_bud> mwhahahaahaha
<TRUENO> I can go to za
<TRUENO> I buy diamonts
<Arkangel> heheheh
<bobs_bud> how mouch ?
<Arkangel> we only sell diamonds by the quarter-ton in this channel
<bobs_bud> lol
<Arkangel> that's 250 kg of raw uncut stones
<bobs_bud> R5 1/4 ton
<Arkangel> minimum 5 carat size
<bobs_bud> hahahaha
<Arkangel> no, we do it at 45% of market rate, plus a 10% handling fee
<bobs_bud> k
<bobs_bud> cash only
<TRUENO> Sure?
<bobs_bud> up front
<TRUENO> Ye sno problem
<Arkangel> yeah
<TRUENO> Dollars?
<Arkangel> cash in used, non-consecutive US dollars
<bobs_bud> 10's and 20's
<deadpoet> TRUENO, you looking to buy Cocaine too?
<bobs_bud> minimum order of $100000
<TRUENO> Look mi friend
<TRUENO> I am narcotrafic man
<TRUENO> No problem money
<bobs_bud> lol
<TRUENO> I need diamonts NOW!
<TRUENO> Mi cheef need 5 Diamonts in one week
<bobs_bud> whats a narcotrafic man
<Arkangel> ok, we'll have them couriered to your front door
<deadpoet> TRUENO: have yo tried American Swiss? they have an absolutely exquisite range of wedding rings!
<bobs_bud> like a speedcop ?
<bobs_bud> lol @ deadpoet
<TRUENO> I need now
<TRUENO> 5 diamonts
<TRUENO> I need price
<TRUENO> And i go to za
<TRUENO> No problem
<bobs_bud> troo expensive here
*** Quits: TRUENO (Quit: Leaving)
* deadpoet shakes his head
* bobs_bud laughs
*** Joins: qwerty101 (
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o qwerty101
<qwerty101> morning
<bobs_bud> qwert :)
<deadpoet> qwerty101, looking for diamonts?
<qwerty101> bobs_bud :)
<bobs_bud> lol
<qwerty101> diamonts?
<Arkangel> heheheheh
<deadpoet> ask Arkangel, he's selling
<Arkangel> yeah, for you I make special price

<TRUENO> I am narcotrafic man
Does this mean he wears a cape and has a secret identity?

<bobs_bud> R5 1/4 ton
<bobs_bud> minimum order of $100000

bobs_bud drives a hard bargain ... smuggling 20,000 tons of uncut "diamonts" might be a challenge, even for narcotrafic man

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