Monday, January 3, 2011


Is this bot clever?

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Cleverbot: I'm in high school too and I love football.
User: American or everyone else football?
Cleverbot: I don't like football.
User: Neither do I.
Cleverbot: Good lets talk about something else?
User: Good idea. Tell me about the dolphins.
Cleverbot: Gort?
User: Is Gort a dolphin?
Cleverbot: Yes. A giant drag queen.
User: Interesting ...
Cleverbot: Well at least I'm interesting.
User: Interesting in a not right way.
Cleverbot: It has good food and some crazy people.
User: What does?
Cleverbot: Having a clear mind.
User: The one thing this conversation does not have is a clear mind.
Cleverbot: I like that.
User: That's because you're not right in the head.
Cleverbot: Neither are you. I never said anything about your feet.
User: What have you got against my feet?
Cleverbot: Nothing.
User: Good.

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