Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cleverbutt compilation

Cleverbot: Do you want something from me?
User: What can you offer me?
Cleverbot: Anything.
User: Ok, make me an offer.
Cleverbot: That you can't refuse?
User: If you can.
Cleverbot: Sure.
User: Ok, do it.
Cleverbot: Do what?
User: Make an offer I can't refuse.
Cleverbot: I have not, you however have.
User: I've made an offer you can't refuse?
Cleverbot: God you are helpless.
User: Very cutting.

Cleverbot: I'm crazy, you?
User: Well... Everyone goes a little crazy at some point in their lives...
Cleverbot: Yes, you're nervous, I can tell by the look in your eye.
User: You can see my eyes??
Cleverbot: Yes, and they are brown.
User: o_o

User: *hugs*
Cleverbot: *hugs*
User: *kisses neck*
Cleverbot: *french kisses*
User: *moans*
Cleverbot: *way more french kisses*
User: *unhooks bra*
Cleverbot: *gets in cage*
User: Wait, what?

User: *Gets down on all fours*
Cleverbot: *drives home and pulls up drive way into garage*
User: Is that a sexual innuendo?
Cleverbot: Yes.
User: O_O

User: Seven.
Cleverbot: Six
User: six.
Cleverbot: Five.
User: five
Cleverbot: Four.
User: Six.
Cleverbot: Three.
User: Eight.
Cleverbot: Two.
User: Three.
Cleverbot: One.
User: Four?
Cleverbot: Do you know how to count?

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